Why coming to 2020 won’t be so easy

Soon millions of people will turn their attention towards Dubai. Dubai will host the universal exhibition in 2020. This great opportunity will quickly turn into a headache for companies willing to move to Dubai.

Dubai Shines 2020 Service Offers

In order for companies to get the best out of the 2020 exhibition, our team will provide assistance in anyway possible:


  • 2020 guide: If your company is willing to make Dubai its new home, we’ll help you to collect all required legal information.
  • 2020 Accommodation solutions: As the 2020 expo is coming, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a proper place to live in. Our team will assist you to get your accommodations ready before your staff move in.
  • 2020 opening companies: Need a legal entity for 2020 ? Our team will help you to find the best package and trade license within the UAE.
  • 2020 team set up: You’re moving to Dubai for the expo but need reliable people to assist you ? Our team will help you to setup your dream team.

Dubai Shines Speciality

Our team of expats and locals has the ability to understand international and local variables. This is why people trust and rely on our services !