Opening a Company in Dubai

When it comes to establishing a company, procedures can be complicated and a bit tricky especially if you’re coming from a different country.

Dubai Shines helps you to go through the legal procedure required to open your company in Dubai.

Dubai Company Creation Services

We offer many services such as:


  • Market Survey: Not sure about how  UAE market will react to your product or service ? No  problem.  We will organize for you a proper market survey.
  • Legal Procedure Assistance: Not sure about what is  working in Dubai ? Not a problem, we will assist you during all the legal process.
  • Sponsors Selection: looking for a sponsor to open your business in Dubai ? Our team will help you to find the best match.
  • Setup Digital Presence: Looking for online presence ? Will set up for you everything you need, to get people find you easily.
  • Specialists Selection: Looking for some financial assistants, lawyers and more ? Let us help you to setup your dream team !

Dubai Shines Speciality

Our core business belief is to come up with customized solutions for our clients. As most of our team come from different countries, we can relate and understand your needs.