Why do you need to move your staff to Dubai ?

Think again.

It’s always an adventure to move to a new country, especially Dubai ! So when it comes to relocate with the full family it’s even more difficult, and you have to make sure that your staff won’t suffer from it.

Relocation Staff Services

In order to save your team time and effort, we offer customized services to make sure that your people will come to Dubai in the best condition possible.


  • School Procedures: Save your employees the trouble of finding the right school for their kids. Let us make sure that when their kids come to Dubai, they have everything they need to start an exciting new school year !
  • Concierge Services: How much money your company afford if your top managers have to stay home waiting to fix some small issues ? Let us do it for you.
  • Accommodation Services: One of the worst headaches in Dubai. Instead of sending them to a hotel, tell us your budget and location and will find for them a great place to settle in.
  • Car & Motor services: How your top managers will look like going to their office in a cheap car ? Don’t let this happen ! Will be sure that they can drive the most suitable cars.
  • Leisure Help: What a top executive will look like working days and nights ? Let us find them a gym, personal coach or even activities for the weekend .

Dubai Shines Speciality

As most of our team come from different countries we understand most of people’s concerns whenever they move to Dubai. This is why we are committed to provide quality customized solutions for our customers.