Why do you need expat services in Dubai ?

Most of people moving to a new country are over occupied with the preparation of their move. Dubai itself a very unique place to move. It’s a Muslim country, summer is terribly hot, scholar and health systems are far away different from others. So moving to Dubai is always an adventure. This is why Dubai Shines offers different expat services to be sure that you can move as comfortably as possible.

What kind of expat services do we offer

Once again all situations are unique. But our services usually focus on:


  • Accommodation: Our team focus in finding you the best place for you to live. We can either make everything ready for you to move in or just advise you towards the best local specialists
  • Kids: We can help you to move with your kids in Dubai. Based on your requirements -scholarship, leisure, nannies- will make sure that your kids’ experience is the best possible
  • Animals: Dubai regulation on living with pets is very strict. This is why our team makes sure that whenever you move to Dubai you will not  have any issue.
  • Motors: What about moving to Dubai ? You need to be sure you’ll find the perfect car that satisfy your needs. So whatever you’re looking for our, job is to find it at the best cost.
  • Leisure:  We want to make to Dubai your new home. No matter what kind of activities you like to engage yourself with, you will find it waiting here for you when you come !
  • Financial: Our team offers the best services in order to set up whatever financial services you need.
  • Health: Don’t take any risks. In Dubai healthcare is expensive. So better to be sure that your insurance is working good. Our job is to provide you with the best insurance plan that suits your lifestyle


Dubai Shines Expats Services

As expats, we know how difficult it can be to move to Dubai. We want to make sure you have the best experience ever !