Why do you need help to find a job in Dubai ?

It’s never easy to find a new job. It’s even more true when you’re looking for one from a different country. This is why we want make sure that you have everything you need to find the job you’re looking for !

How can we help you to find a job in Dubai

We offer different services in order to help you to find a job in Dubai:


  • Networking: Thanks to a network of agencies and partners we can help you to identify the best companies within the UAE
  • Job  Hunting: If you’re looking for a specific job in Dubai, our team can drive you the latest and most accurate offers based on your profile along with the market needs.
  • Candidate Hunting: If you’re looking for someone, let us help you to find him !

Dubai Shines Specialty

As expats we got the chance to work for different companies before setting up Dubai Shines, so our experience and network remain our best assets to help skilled people to find the perfect job in Dubai !