Why do you need to find a roommate ?

Rents have been increasing a lot during the last few years in Dubai. More and more people are looking for someone to share their apartment and save some money. But it’s never an easy thing to find someone to live with.

Roommate Matching Service

Dubai Shines offers different options to help you to find a roommate in Dubai.


  • Roommate Events: You should know the kind of person you’re most likely to share an apartment with ! why not join one of our friendly events and meet your future roommate ?
  • Roommate Web Matching: Let us know what kind of person you’d like to share an apartment with and let us help you to find him or her !

Dubai Shines Specialty

As expats we had to live in shared apartment. However we know it’s not always a piece of cake especially for people who are experimenting it for the first time.