Dubai shines helps people to move to Dubai. The ruel n°1 is that your time is money. So don’t waste it into stuff will do faster !
Contact us for a free quotation and let us help you to relocate to Dubai !

Expats In Dubai Accomodation Solutions

Looking for an accommodation before moving to Dubai ?

Since 2013, rents has been on the rise all around Dubai. Anyone coming from outside with few ideas of the local market will struggle to find the best place to stay in Dubai. This is why our real estate experts will help you to select a list of locations and options fitting your needs.

How Dubai Shines will help you to get an accommodation

Trying to be as flexible as needed, our team will help you to get your accommodation ready before you actually move to Dubai.


  • Location Selections: Based on your office and kids schools our team will help you to select a list of locations to make your life in Dubai as easy as possible.
  • Rental Contracts: Don’t get any headache on this. Our team will get you the rental contracts validated by experts before you move.
  • Furnitures Supply: Don’t waste a month trying to get your place furnished. Send us your preferences and budgets and will get it done for you.

Dubai Shines Accommodation Speciality

We know all the tricks of the different locations; Traffic, noise, constructions...etc. Dubai is changing all time, so save yourself the hassle and make sure to choose the best place from the start.

Dubai Premium Questions & Answers Solutions

Why do you need Premium Questions & Answers

Have you ever tried to Google some important questions you have in mind ? Honestly, can you always rely on the website you’ll find ? This is why we propose a premium Q&A where our qualified team will provide you the most accurate answers to any questions you have regarding Dubai.

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